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You have the money to transform your school. You’re paying your energy bills with it.

How do we know this? Because education establishments are some of the most energy-wasteful facilities we work with. In fact, certain schools waste as much as 47% of their energy consumption.

This means almost half of your energy budget could be better spent upgrading classrooms, investing in new infrastructure, or improving staff wages.

So, how do you cut your energy bills in half?

With our energy management, monitoring and smart building solutions, we can help you seamlessly slash your energy bills without needing to change how you run your school.

Our service is quick, fool-proof and inexpensive, so book your free assessment today.

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The achievable avoidable energy waste for industrial facilities is:

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What we deliver

  • Successfully completed over 483 energy efficiency projects since 2016
  • We conduct energy audits to identify your savings
  • We design the best solution to optimize savings & efficiency
  • Our team of energy experts procure, upgrade, install & retrofit
  • Project Management and execution of utility rebate programs
  • We offer Zero Capex as standard and have delivered hundreds of projects at no net cost.

How we deliver

An effective solution to energy cost reduction needs three elements:


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Developed over ten years and in action with the likes of IBM and many more. Real-time energy monitoring down to a minute-by-minute level.




Our analytics gives you full visibility of where your energy is consumed and wasted - from building level to individual assets.




Our team is what makes us tick - a group of exciting professionals, ready to take your energy project to the next level.

Our team
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Case Study

Hillsborough County Public School | Energy Management, USA

Nu World Energy are proud to be part of a huge and rapidly evolving case study. The $500m project value is obviously striking, but perhaps even more impressive is the model being offered to the client - a US schools district - to make it happen.


Annual energy savings

Driven by real-time energy monitoring

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Ready to share your bills?

The first step in helping you is understanding how you are currently wasting energy. The quickest way for you to help us do that is to provide us with a snapshot of your energy usage. You can do so by clicking the link below and following the prompt. 

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Zero Capex

For this model, we ensure you get the energy savings promised while sharing said savings between us. Zero extra fees. That means you don’t need a budget for it – you simply need to get started. 

We deliver on our promise, and everyone wins!

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