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Energy Rebate Processing

Lighting rebate processing

Take advantage of PSEG Rebates to offset your energy costs.

Save money using
Goverment Rebate

As leading energy-saving experts, our specialists can help you leverage the PSEG rebate programs to reduce the costs of installing energy-saving solutions.

Beyond local programs, we also explore state and federal rebates, which can drastically reduce the cost of any energy management project.

We aim to identify the most substantial cost-saving opportunities possible - with the maximum return on your investment. By conducting an energy assessment for your facility, we can identify the right solution and the best rebate opportunities available for your business.

We offer unbiased energy-
saving advice for your rebates

Our expert team can help you strike the right balance between savings and investment.

This, combined with processing your rebate, means your organization will be equipped with the most cost-effective energy solution for years to come.

Combination of products

We stock a wide range of Eniscope and Esco-in-a-box solutions, which helps us ensure that you qualify for every possible rebate.

Not only does this save you money, but it ensures you have exactly the right solution for your facility.

Rebate opportunity

Most organizations are unaware of the incredible number of energy-saving rebates available.

Our team will research the specific rebates within your industry and provide you with guidance to secure them.

We have experience

We have helped hundreds of companies across all sectors access the rebates they need for their business. With industry-leading expertise within the energy-saving space, we make energy-saving painless for your organization.

Discover your rebate

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