We offer an end-to-end energy efficiency service

Energy as a service

Stop paying for energy you don't use

Our range of intelligent solutions makes saving energy quick, easy and cheap. Whether you are looking for a device monitoring system or a tool to control device usage, we can help.

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Energy Monitoring

Saving energy made easy.

Do you know how much money your business wastes on excess energy? Our monitoring systems help you track your energy usage and pay only for the energy you need.

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Are you ready to make
your building smarter?

And we don’t mean feeding it Math books. Our smart systems can make your building take energy use into its own hands.

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Energy Management

The profit booster

Wasted energy is a cash flow blockage. Eliminating this waste is the fastest way to let profits flow. The best part? You don’t have to do anything.

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8 Hybrid

The all-in-one energy monitoring device

eniscope 8 hybrid

Developed over ten years and in action with the likes of IBM, 7-Eleven, KFC and many more the world over. Real-time energy monitoring down to a minute-by-minute level. But Eniscope is not just a monitoring device - it’s an IoT hub, the dependable source of the LoRa network our Air products operate on.

  1. 16,000+ worldwide active installations
  2. Hardware & Cloud software combined solution
  3. Easy to install
  4. Proprietary API for third-party integrations
  5. Infinitely scalable across large estates
eniscope 8 hybrid

Air Switch

Asset-level energy monitoring and control for single-phase assets of all types.

eniscope air switch

The Air Switch acts as a capable extension to the Eniscope, delivering the same granularity of energy monitoring at a device-level. Minute-by-minute data flow influences pinpoint decisions for energy management - including the ability to turn devices on and off according to a schedule or logic controls.

  1. Super-fast to install and commission
  2. Robust casing for harsh commercial environments
  3. Intuitive Cloud-based asset scheduling
  4. Track device power consumption and avoid wastage
  5. Temperature input for additional data context
eniscope air switch

Air Sense

Four sensors in one, with the capacity for more. Temperature, humidity, occupancy and light sensing all come as standard in the air sense device.

eniscope air sense

Available in both battery and mains variants, the Air Sense is a wall or ceiling mounted IoT sensor that provides critical context for energy saving - as well as valuable operational data.

  1. Super-fast to install and commission
  2. Includes four additional analogue inputs
  3. Includes one additional pulse input
  4. Critical, high-accuracy temperature data for air conditioning energy saving
  5. Robust design with up to 10 years battery life
    eniscope air sense

    Air Digital

    Cloud-control for three-phase devices of all types, allowing close control for your most energy-intensive assets.

    eniscope air digital

    The Air Digital is a sleek, quick to install product that adds intelligence and control to your assets. Schedule them to come on and off on a dynamic schedule, avoiding unnecessary consumption, or trigger control based on logical parameters (like occupancy or light provided by Air Sense).

    1. Super-fast to install and commission
    2. Execute high-value energy saving strategies
    3. Deliver additional operational benefits on-site, like alarms and indicators
    4. Water & gas meter consumption tracking
    5. Intuitive Cloud-control system
    eniscope air digital

    Air Ambient

    Want to slash your HVAC energy costs? 

    eniscope air ambient

    A specialist energy saving device for HVAC units, combining accurate temperature band control with intelligent on / off scheduling capabilities. The Air Ambient is the evolution of our highly successful ACES 2 product. A plug-and-play IoT solution that allows AirCon systems to optimise their performance considerably.

    1. Super-fast install and commission
    2. Up to 3 HVAC systems per device
    3. Works in tandem with Air Sense to accurately maintain temperature
    4. Logic-based schedules and controls
    5. Intuitive Cloud-control system
    eniscope air ambient

    Better for the environment. Cheaper for you

    We are here to offer an end-to-end energy efficiency service that helps organizations save money, save time, and lower their energy usage. Check out our purpose here!

    Our purpose
    city sky scape

    Energy efficiency made easy.

    In today’s environmentally conscious world, organizations must do more than consider sustainability - they must actively pursue energy efficiency.

    By becoming your energy efficiency partner, we make ‘going green’ cheap and painless. Our tools work automatically, and our team handles the process from start to finish.

    This helps you use less energy and keep more money - with zero capital and zero debt invested.

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