Energy efficient refrigerators: Guide for commercial buyers

Are you tired of paying sky-high electricity bills just to keep your food fresh and frosty? Well, the future is here with energy efficient refrigerators! They are not only eco-friendly, but they’ll also save you a fortune in energy costs.

And no, we are not talking about you having to buy a new fridge. We’re talking about…an upgrade thanks to technology.

So, if you’re a commercial buyer on the hunt for energy efficient refrigerators, then you’ve come to the right place.

We will help you can make an informed decision and keep your wallet (and the planet) happy.

A fridge’s compressor often works… unnecessarily.

One of the biggest energy consumers in a fridge is the compressor, which is responsible for cooling the refrigerant that keeps your food fresh.

However, did you know that a fridge’s compressor often works unnecessarily?

That’s right!

The compressor can kick in even when it doesn’t need to, which can increase your energy bills and put unnecessary strain on the appliance.

You’re probably thinking something along these lines…

“But wait…that can’t be right. I don’t want food to be spoilt! The compressor works because it NEEDS to work. Right?”

However, there’s one issue.

Energy efficient refrigerators know the difference between cooling food and cooling AIR!

Traditional refrigerators use air temperature to control their compressor, but who wants a fridge that’s just blowing cold air all day as soon as the air temperature fluctuates a bit?

That’s like having an air conditioner that only blows cool air when you’re not in the room.

It’s a total waste of energy and money!

The problem with relying solely on air temperature is that it’s not an accurate indicator of when the compressor should kick in.

A fridge may start and stop hundreds of times a day just because the air temperature has fluctuated.

In any given day, your fridge may stop and start up to 500 times.

Your food may be cold enough, which means that it’s stored properly at the right temperature.

And still, the compressor is working hard to cool the air, which you don’t care about.

Transform your fridge into energy efficient refrigerators

For those in the market for commercial refrigerators and freezers, the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) offers comprehensive acquisition guidance for this particular product category, which is covered by ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements.

Choosing an energy-efficient product is environmentally friendly but also expensive.

Plus, even the most energy efficient refrigerators measure the air temperature, which doesn’t fix the problem.

NuWorld Energy smart technology to the rescue

energy efficient refrigerators
energy efficient refrigerators

However, there’s where smart technology can help you transform your “dumb” fridge.

What if we told you there’s a technology that can transform your refrigeration system into one that responds to food temperature instead of air temperature?

We got the revolutionary technology that ensures you get the energy efficient refrigerators you deserve.

By extending the individual compressor cycle and reducing its frequency by up to 80%, you’ll see significant energy savings and a reduction in your energy bills.

But that’s not all…we also offer a quick and easy installation process, a long-lasting battery life of 6-8 years, and customizable dashboards to suit your needs.

The device we provide is also designed with reliability and security in mind.

Moreover, it is placed directly over the EXISTING thermostats within your refrigeration system.

The results?

  • more efficient refrigeration cycle,
  • less wear and tear,
  • the compressor cycle lasts longer
  • more energy savings
  • less carbon footprint
  • safely stored food

Bottom line

Don’t let your refrigerator waste energy and money any longer.

Upgrade to our cutting-edge technology and start seeing the savings pile up.

And remember — you don’t have to buy a whole new fridge when your “old one” works fine.

You just have to upgrade it.

We can and will handle everything for you: from the FREE demo test of the product to installation and to the energy analysis reports, so you can see firsthand how much you can save!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Check out our website to learn more!


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